Training Services from Increase

Increase offers on-site, remote, open-access and private CRM training courses to ensure widespread user adoption of your hosted Microsoft CRM system

Even though Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is easier-to-use and easier-to-learn than ever before, we recommend an initial user training session for your end users so that they can find out how to use the basic features to their best advantage.

We can deliver engaging and interactive bespoke end-user training courses as well as public webinars on advanced CRM topics and system administration features.

Bespoke Training

Increase can design and deliver customised end-user training courses and material for Microsoft CRM 4.0 so that your users can use all the basic CRM features to their best advantage.

We recommend a short introductory course of 2-4 hours focusing on the features they need in their job role.

Open-access training webinars

Our CRM experts (CRM Heroes) offer regular open access training webinars on advanced topics and system administration features of Microsoft CRM 4.0 to help our customers get the most our of their hosted systems.

These courses are free to all of our customers.

Private web based training

The CRM Heroes can provide private training webinars on Microsoft CRM topics including advanced features, system administration, customisation and custom development.