CRM and Microsoft Outlook - the perfect combination

Our hosted Microsoft CRM 4.0 service is available directly from within your familiar Outlook interface.

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for Outlook is available whether you are running Exchange on-premise, hosted Exchange or using Outlook without Exchange. The Microsoft CRM client for Outlook reduces the training time for new users and ensures everyone can work productively within customer records and communications wihin a single, familiar user interface.

How does it work?

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM built directly into Outlook, users can track customer emails into the hosted CRM database with a single click, or even track emails automatically, ensuring that important customer communications and notices are available to all users.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will also automatically synchronise contacts, appointments, tasks, phone calls, and follow-up activities, ensuring that no matter how you access your emails or calendar, either via your desktop, BlackBerry, Windows phone or Outlook Web Access, everything is always up-to-date.