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What is a 'People Ready' business?

A people-ready business knows that people are its most important asset, and it empowers its people to drive the business forward. When individuals realise their potential, your company realises its potential.

Every business is different, but the outcomes that drive business success remain the same: creating loyal and profitable customer relationships, managing a business in the most efficient way possible, and building high-value connections with partners and suppliers. But it’s not your business that does these things. Businesses don’t find customers, streamline operations, or close deals: people do.

  • A people-ready business is a 'destination workplace'. The most talented and successful people and businesses seek opportunities to work at or with this company.
  • A people-ready business maximises the satisfaction levels of all its constituents. Customers, employees, and the critical partners and vendors on whom its success depends are all satisfied. A people-ready business is also a balanced organisation that does not neglect one vital constituency for another.
  • A people-ready business tempers its management's 'force'. A people-ready business balances management oversight and control, teamwork, and the constant improvement and innovation that come from empowered employees who live their lives on the front lines of the company.
  • A people-ready business is characterised by vision. The ability to see and act on both opportunities and problems is central to a people-ready business.
  • A people-ready business is focused on insight and action. A people-ready business is characterized by employees who have insight into opportuni­ties and problems, and the ability to act on them.
  • A people-ready business is marked by speed and flexibility. A people-ready business is as concerned with removing barriers to success as it is to driving success. And a people-ready business is agile and adaptable in a business envi­ronment of constant change.
  • A people-ready business is optimised for performance at the individual level. Individuals have the freedom to focus on adding value to shareholders and customers, rather than being constantly distracted.