Top Tips for Generating New Business Leads

When it comes to economic down turns you can pretty much list the guys that will be affected. Developers? Car manufacturers? Tour operators? This time round things look a little more complicated. This time round It’s the banks first, manufacturers second and now it’s time for the mid market retailers. Now I’m not suggesting developers and car manufacturers aren’t busy thinking of alternative markets at the moment but, it would seem, the tour operators are relatively unaffected.

Upon my desk is a 3 week old invitation to the annual Direct Marketing effectiveness awards, the winner? Thomas Cook. Their campaign sent their entire customer base with a postcard with a picture of their last holiday destination and the line “dear isn’t it time you booked your holiday for next year?”

The response take up apparently broke the benchmark for Thomas Cook and the industry. Yet Thomas Cook’s approach isn’t revolutionary, it just retains a few CRM rules that ensure customer closeness that, when done well, results in repeat and referral business.

Information on your customers is gold

It’s easy for small businesses to know their customers. As they grow this knowledge gets harder to maintain and share. A MS CRM solution ensures, whoever you talk to, you have their information at your finger tips. Your ability to share this personal relationship to your staff ensures new relationships form and the knowledge on this customer grows to help influence future product and service development. The most successful are those who not only listen to their customers but record and share it.

Develop insights on your customers

Each of your customers is different. What makes them tick? What makes them buy? To each customer this could be a different set of principles. The more information you capture on an individual the more success you’ll be in connecting with them in the future. Imagine if Thomas Cook asked all their customers "where would you like to go next year?" as they boarded the flight. They’d know exactly what brochure to send in the post.

Personalise your messages

Don’t underestimate the value of a personal message. Direct marketing isn’t easy. Most unwanted information I receive ends up as land fill. But occasionally something lands that connects. When it does the factors are always the same. The message relates to my job role, my single desire to improve my business performance but most importantly it’s been personalised. Specially delivered, just for me.

So for a holiday company trying to make that emotional connection to a customer, what better way than to remind them of their last holiday. Genius.

Business leads are harder to find. Our ability to connect with a prospect will be driven by our ability to understand what makes them buy. This understanding is inherently underpinned by knowing who they currently buy from, why and what potential opportunities this creates for future messages that are delivered to this particular customer.

Leads are out there, businesses still need your offering. All you need to do is connect with them.

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