Closing the gap between you and your customer


Amidst the recent news of bank nationalisation, on 'Freaky Friday' HSBC bank, amongst others were very pro-active, informing customers (current and prospect) by email that they were the most secure bank in the UK. This well timed claim was founded upon the bank's savings book being significantly higher than its leading.

Timely marketing messages, aimed at capturing the imagination of your audience with a 'Call to Action' is easy to faciliate and great way to engage, cross and up-sell to new prospects or existing customers, ultimately closing the gap between you and your customer.

The secret of HSBC's success was down to good customer and prospect data, and their investment in the tools to deliver these messages to the relevant audiences.

This example of opportunistic marketing is not just happening in the realm of large organisations with departments who analyse prospect information and await a 'Freaky Friday' style situation to deliver their message. Many of our customers are small, innovative businesses specialising in unique industries and services. Their prospect markets are tight and as a result their data is up to date and well maintained.

Just like HSBC these businesses are capturing the imagination of their existing customers and prospects through timely, personalised messages that have the ability to connect, inspire and motivate.

Tangible Results

Recent reports from our customers undertaking trigger-point or opportunistic marketing campaigns demonstrate significant increases in response rates.

A customer who undertook an up-sell campaign to his customer base offering 12 units for the price of 10, tailoring his message to the emerging 'cost saving' sentiment used the Microsoft CRM Campaign Performance report to evaluate his activity, which yeilded a 120% increase in positive campaign responses.

How can Microsoft Dynamics CRM help?

  • Prospect and Customer Preferences
    MSCRM allows you to record the preferences you collect from your customers such as product, price range or service preferences.
  • Customer history
    With MSCRM you can choose to send messages to customers who have purchased from you in the past, with specific preferences, date ranges and order values.
  • Relevant messages
    Increasing the relevance of your marketing message to your audience massively improves it's impact and response. MSCRM can help you segment your database by customer size, turnover, employees, and industry.
  • Personalised messages
    With MSCRM you can personalise all of your outbound emails and mailshots with names, dates and key contact information, specifically for the individual recipient. It demonstrates a sophisticated and organised approach and can help you increase your acquisition and click-thru rates.
  • Multi-channel approach
    Enable consistency in your marketing across SMS, email, direct mail and telemarketing with the MSCRM multi-channel campaign tools.
  • Instant feedback
    Watch your campaign performance in real time, everything from campaign budgets, costs, through to response numbers and revenue generated is all possible using the powerful feature-rich reports or dashboards.

Competitive Advantage

The fact is there’s never been a better time to tell you customers how much you value their loyalty. And if your competitors aren’t adopting this approach, it could be an even better time for you to send your prospects a message.

Find out more

If you're interested in finding out more about how marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can connect you with new customers or help you engage and motivate your existing customer base, please contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation and explorative consultation with one of our certified CRM experts.

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