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Microsoft CRM Solution Options

Increase CRM is Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution delivered as a service with a range of deployment options, giving you choice and flexibility to suit your requirements. There are three choices - hosted or on-premise deployment, subscription or perpetual licenses and managed or self-managed system administration - giving you eight CRM solution options. No other CRM solution gives you so much choice.

1. Deployment: hosted or on-premise?


With a hosted deployment, the infrastructure will be located on our premises and managed by us and included in our service fees along with our 99.5% availability guarantee. A hosted CRM solution is the right option for customers that may already manage some servers internally, but do not have an enterprise-data centre or enough skilled Microsoft IT staff available. The hosted Microsoft CRM solution requires no capital investment, so it suits most of our customers who prefer to make investments as an operational expense as and when required.


With an on-premise deployment, the infrastructure will be located on your premises and managed by you. An on-premise deployment is the right option for customers that already have enterprise-class data centre facilities and a significant investment in IT operations and skilled Microsoft IT staff. The on-premise CRM solution requires investment in IT hardware, networking equipment, system software, staff recruitment, training and salaries, and IT service management processes. It suits some of our customers who are able to make significant capital investments.

2. Licenses: subscription or perpetual?


With subscription licences you pay a monthly fee per subscriber and are free to increase or decrease the number of subscriptions you require. The subscription CRM solution suits our customers who prefer to make operational expenditure investments as and when required or customers who may wish to vary the number of users from month to month. Subscription licenses include Microsoft Software Assurance so there are no further costs.


With perpetual licences you pay for licences and annual software assurance as a capital expense. It results in the software licences becoming a depreciable asset on your company's balance sheet. Normally, this expense can only be offset against taxable profits over the lifetime of the depreciable asset, so this option suits some of our customers who are able to make significant capital investments. We recommend that Microsoft Software Assurance is purchased along with the software licences (25% per annum).

3. System Administration: managed or self-managed


With managed system administration, we will provide all your system administration services. The managed CRM solution option suits most of our customers who prefer our trained and passionate CRM heroes to provide a complete range of CRM system administration services.


With self-managed system administration, you provide all the system administration services to your users. We will provide our Beyond Demand support services to your CRM system administrator. The self-managed Microsoft CRM solution option is suitable for some of our customers who already have skilled Microsoft IT staff available, expert IT operations and support teams, and a passionate CRM addict available to act as the CRM system administrator.

Which CRM Solution Is Right for You?

Most of our customers choose a hosted, subscription, managed CRM solution because it requires the least capital investment, it frees up their already-stretched IT resources, it can be implemented in a couple of days and offers the most flexibility. But you can combine any of the options for your CRM solution. For example:

  • One of our customers is a hosting company so they have enterprise-class data centres available, but they don't have sufficient internal IT resources available and didn't want to invest their capital in software licences. So they chose an on-premise, subscription, managed deployment.

  • Another large customer had already acquired 500 user licences for Microsoft Dynamics CRM but they were moving offices and there was an IT change freeze in place. They chose a hosted, perpetual, managed deployment and it's perfect for them.

If you'd like more help figuring out which options are right for you please get in touch.

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