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Microsoft CRM from Increase

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your organisation with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that gives everyone the capability to keep your customers addicted. With modules for marketing, sales, customer service and support users, Microsoft CRM 3.0 delivers a fast, flexible and affordable CRM solution. You'll be able to spread consistent, measurable improvements across business processes, form closer relationships with customers, and help your company achieve new levels of profitability.

Addictive User Interface

We love the Microsoft CRM user interface because it reminds us so much of Outlook. That's why it's so easy to learn how to use, and we don't have to spend so much time on training. Now, we know that every CRM software vendor claims that their software is easy to use, but we've evaluated, implemented and used some of them (Goldmine, NetSuite, Onyx, Pivotal, Sage CRM, Siebel, salesforce.com, SalesNet, SalesPage, and Update Marketing.Manager to name a few), and they're not as easy to use as they claim. But don't take out word for it, contact us and you can take Microsoft CRM for a test drive.

Runs Everywhere

Being out of the office doesn't mean being out of touch. Increase CRM solutions provide Microsoft CRM in your browser or in Outlook, online or offline, on your PC or on smartphone or PDA. The options are yours, all included in our service. Unlike some on-demand CRM service providers we don't charge you for offline editions or mobile editions.

Enterprise Power for Everyone

Microsoft CRM includes functionality previously only seen in expensive, enterprise business applications. Service scheduling is one of our favourites: powerful functionality for scheduling resources including people, facilities and equipment. We also love the marketing campaign management functionality with the ability to plan, execute and analyse marketing campaigns all within Microsoft CRM.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Marketing Campaign Management
Microsoft CRM 3.0 enables sales and marketing users to deliver targeted communications ...

Salesforce Automation
Microsoft CRM 3.0 makes it easy to manage leads and opportunities, forecast sales ...

Service Management
Microsoft CRM 3.0 enables service users to track requests, manage support issues  ...

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Edition

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM for Marketing

Microsoft CRM for Sales

Microsoft CRM for Service

Hosted Microsoft CRM is designed to stand toe-to-toe with on-premise Microsoft CRM and it's our most popular Increase CRM solution option.

Why hosted Microsoft CRM? Find out more...

Dedicated Apps

We're pleased to present a demo of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The demo includes an overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and chapters on Sales, Service and Marketing.

What to see Microsoft CRM in action? Click here...

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