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Benefits of Hosted Microsoft CRM

Our hosted CRM solution option is designed to stand toe-to-toe with on-premise Microsoft CRM and it's our most popular Increase CRM solution option. But look beyond the raw numbers, and the value gets even better.

For IT leaders

If you're responsible for IT then a hosted CRM option allows you to manage the successful implementation of a CRM solution without the investing in additional resources or distracting any of your current staff on a new project or supporting a new system. You'll need to provide expert project management and business insight, but you won't need additional servers, developers or support staff. You'll be responsible for managing a relationship with an important software service supplier rather than day-to-day issues of CRM support, leaving you more time to work on more strategic IT initiatives.

For business leaders

If you're responsible for marketing, sales, service or customer support then a hosted Microsoft CRM solution allows you to experience the benefits a Microsoft CRM quicker because, perhaps unlike your IT department, we have the infrastructure and CRM experts already in place. Our CRM Heroes use Microsoft CRM every day so you'll be supported by passionate experts who use the same CRM system as you do.

If you're responsible for finance then a hosted Microsoft CRM solution replaces a significant capital expense with a lower operating expense that match the benefit you're getting from your CRM solution.

Unique benefits of hosted CRM vs. on-premise CRM

Our customers choose hosted Microsoft CRM from Increase because of the unique benefits that a hosted CRM solution offers:

  • Insight into user adoption and CRM success by analysing and benchmarking how you use Microsoft CRM

  • Lower total costs of ownership because on-premises business cases don't stack up when all the costs are included, like finding and keeping CRM technology experts on your payroll

  • Greater reliability, availability and security because Increase makes investments in leading-edge facilities and systems that a single company sometimes can't justify

  • More rapid deployment times and faster scalability because Increase is expert in managing complex computer infrastructures designed for Microsoft CRM

You can use our pricing configurator to find out how much Increase CRM will cost.

Find out how much Increase CRM will cost...

Dedicated Apps

Our purpose is simple: to help our customers woo their customers by providing addictive CRM software as a service because we believe that everyone deserves an outrageously magnificent customer experience.

Read more about our Beyond Demand philosophy...

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