Thursday, 10 July 2008

Microsoft announces eight new CRM 4.0 Solution Accelerators

At a Dynamics CRM seminar at WPC on Tuesday, CRM product managers Barry Givens and Reuben Krippner lifted the lid on a range of new CRM solution accelerators for CRM 4.0. And we're excited that Increase CRM has been asked to be the beta test hosting partner for the accelerators.

Here they are
  1. Analytics Foundation: includes marketing, sales and service dashboards, user adoption dashboard and a range of scorecards from PerformancePoint
  2. Business Productivity: a range of configuration options commonly requested by customers such as auditing, sales processes and common workflow patterns such as incident management
  3. Enterprise Search: integration with SharePoint business data catalog to make it easier to search for customer data stored in a CRM database from within your SharePoint portal.
  4. Notifications: a range of options for sending notifications and alerts to users via email, Vista gadgets and unified communications
  5. Sales Methodologies: built-in support for popular sales methodologies from the TAS Group (Target Account Selling), Sales Performance International (Solution Selling) and Miller Heiman (Strategic Selling)
  6. Sales Forecasting: improved features for sales professionals to be able to provide forecasts and for sales managers to get insight into forecast trends and patterns
  7. Event Management: extension of campaign management functionality to your website to allow marketing professionals to publish an events calendar online and manage online registrations
  8. eService: a customer support portal to allow customers to submit and review cases, search the knowledgebase and more

The great news is that the Solution Accelerators will be released over the next few months and FREE (although there may some fees for the sales methodologies). There's likely to be some configuration or customisation involved to get the accelerators working perfectly in your system, but it's great that Microsoft are working on so many simultaneous improvements to CRM 4.0.

Some news of "CRM 5.0" to come soon...